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Weber Genesis II E-335 vs. Napoleon Prestige 500: Grill Masters in The Spotlight

When it comes to the grill arena, Weber's Genesis II E-335 and Napoleon's Prestige 500 have grilled their way to the top. In this sizzling comparison, we're diving into which one might just take the trophy for your next BBQ.

Weber Genesis II E-335

Hey, ever had that perfect backyard barbecue? The Weber Genesis II E-335 might've played a part! It's not just a grill; it’s your culinary canvas. With a sear station, powerful burners, and iGrill 3 smart technology, this beauty ensures you’re the envy of every cookout.


  • Sear Station

    Ensures perfect searing of your meals, locking in flavors.

  • iGrill 3 Technology

    Smart grilling tech lets you monitor food temperature from your phone.

  • Durability

    Constructed with high-quality materials ensuring longevity.

  • Large Cooking Area

    Spacious enough to cater to all your barbecue needs.


  • Price

    A tad on the pricier side, making it a considerable investment.

  • Weight

    It's hefty, ensuring mobility can be challenging.

  • Assembly

    Setting it up might be a bit of an hassle for some.

  • Fuel

    Doesn’t come with propane or natural gas, requiring a separate purchase.

Napoleon Prestige 500

So, imagine a weekend barbecue where you're the star chef. The Napoleon Prestige 500 is your ticket to that! A top-notch grill that brings both style and performance to the table. With stainless steel construction, infrared burners, and a rotisserie kit, you're in for some finger-lickin' goodness.


  • High Quality

    Built with premium stainless steel which ensures durability.

  • Infrared Burners

    Provides even heating for that perfectly grilled steak or veggies.

  • Rotisserie Kit

    Ever thought of roasting a whole chicken? Now you can with ease!

  • Ample Cooking Space

    Makes sure you've got room for all the BBQ faves.


  • Price

    Quality comes at a cost, and this grill doesn’t come cheap.

  • Size

    It's a bit bulky, so you'll need ample space to accommodate.

  • Maintenance

    Stainless steel may require regular cleaning to maintain shine.

  • Installation

    Can be a tad tricky, might want professional help for the setup.

Which grill offers a higher BTU?

The Weber Genesis II E-335 boasts a slightly higher BTU compared to the Napoleon Prestige 500.

Do both come with a side burner?

Yes! Both these models are equipped with a convenient side burner for versatile cooking.

What about the grilling area size?

The Napoleon Prestige 500 typically offers a more expansive grilling area than the Weber Genesis.

How about the warranty period?

Both grills offer robust warranties but specific terms might vary. Always check the manufacturer's site.

Which is easier for beginners?

The Weber Genesis II E-335 is often lauded for its beginner-friendly features and straightforward assembly.


What are the alternatives to Weber Genesis II E-335 and Napoleon Prestige 500 ?

Char-Broil Performance Series

A solid entry-level grill. It combines performance and affordability for grill enthusiasts.

you can checkout this link : Char-Broil Performance Series

Traeger Pro Series

A renowned pellet grill, perfect for those wanting smoky flavors and digital controls.

you can checkout this link : Traeger Pro Series


At the end of the grilling day, whether you lean towards Weber's Genesis or Napoleon's Prestige, it's about the flavors you cherish and the features you prioritize. Happy grilling!

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