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Streaming Showdown: Roku Ultra or Amazon Fire TV Cube?

In today's age of binge-watching, choosing a streaming device can be tough! Pitting Roku Ultra against the Amazon Fire TV Cube, we'll break down the nitty-gritty to help you stream with ease.

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra, my friends, is more than just another streaming gadget. It's a tiny, yet powerful, entertainment machine that plugs into your TV, giving you access to thousands of channels and apps like Netflix, Hulu, and more. You get 4K streaming, voice search, and a snazzy remote with headphones jack. Quite the bundle, huh?


  • 4K & HDR Streaming

    Delivers crisp and clear 4K HDR content, making movies and shows come alive.

  • Enhanced Voice Search

    Say goodbye to endless scrolling. Just ask, and you shall find your favorite content.

  • Lost Remote Finder

    Misplaced the remote again? No worries. A simple press and it'll beep to let you know where it is.

  • Private Listening

    Plug in your headphones into the remote for personal listening. No more disturbances.


  • Price

    It's a tad pricier compared to basic streaming sticks, but then, it packs more features.

  • Size

    Slightly bigger in size than its peers. Needs a bit more space near the TV.

  • App Overload

    With thousands of apps, things can get a tad overwhelming for some users.

  • Power Consumption

    It consumes more power in comparison to smaller streaming devices.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Alright, picture this: A tiny cube sitting next to your TV, but it's not just any cube. The Amazon Fire TV Cube is your 4K Ultra HD streaming media player and also has Alexa built right in. So, you can tell your TV what to do and it'll listen! Pretty space-age, right?


  • Voice Control

    Who needs a remote when you've got your voice? Just ask Alexa to play, pause, or search.

  • 4K Ultra HD

    Get ready for some crisp and clear visuals. Movies and TV shows have never looked this good!

  • Multi-room Audio

    Want to get the party started? Play music throughout the whole house using compatible Echo devices.

  • Endless Entertainment

    With access to Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more, you'll never run out of things to watch.


  • Price

    More features, but a bit more expensive than the basic Fire TV stick.

  • Setup

    Requires a bit of patience during initial setup, especially with the voice control.

  • Bulkier Design

    It's not just a stick; it's a cube. So, it will take up a tad more space.

  • Dependency on Internet

    The more gadgets at home, the more bandwidth you'll be needing. Make sure your Wi-Fi is up to the task.

Which offers better 4K streaming?

Both devices support 4K HDR, but Roku Ultra has a slight edge with its Dolby Vision compatibility.

Is voice control available on both?

Yes, both devices boast voice control. Fire TV Cube integrates with Alexa, while Roku Ultra has its own voice remote.

Which has a more expansive app selection?

Roku Ultra often comes out on top with a broader range of apps, though Fire TV Cube isn't far behind.

Any unique features for each device?

Fire TV Cube doubles as an Alexa speaker, while Roku Ultra offers private listening via its remote.

How do their prices compare?

Prices can vary based on offers, but Fire TV Cube is typically a bit pricier than the Roku Ultra.


What are the alternatives to Roku Ultra and Amazon Fire TV Cube ?

Apple TV 4K

Apple's streaming device that integrates smoothly with other Apple products.

you can checkout this link : Apple TV 4K

Chromecast with Google TV

Google's entry to the streaming world, offering personalized recommendations.

you can checkout this link : Chromecast with Google TV


Whether you lean towards Roku Ultra or the Amazon Fire TV Cube, both promise a stellar streaming experience. Your decision may just hinge on brand loyalty or a particular feature you can't resist.

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