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Leather Clash: Micas PU Leather Coat vs Micas Flap Pocket Bomber Jacket

In the realm of fall outerwear, two standouts from Micas, the PU Leather Coat and the Flap Pocket Bomber Jacket, have fashion enthusiasts debating. This article takes a closer look at the design, features, and versatility of these garments, to help you make an informed decision.

MicasPu Leather Coat (Women's Clothing)

MicasPu Leather Coat is a trendy women's attire that features high-grade faux leather, offering both style and comfort.


  • Elegance

    The MicasPu Leather Coat adds a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit.

  • Durability

    Its premium faux leather material ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Easy to Match

    With its classic design, this coat can be paired easily with various fashion items.

  • Comfort

    Despite it's leather-like material, the coat offers a comfortable fit and feel.


  • Pricey

    Due to its premium materials and design, the coat might be considered expensive for some.

  • Special Care

    This coat requires specific care, such as professional cleaning, which can be a hassle.

  • Heat Retention

    Being a leather-like coat, it may retain heat and could be uncomfortable in warmer weather.

  • Limited Sizes

    The coat might not come in a wide range of sizes, limiting its accessibility to various body types.

Micas Flap-Pocket Bomber Jacket (Women's Clothing)

The Micas Flap-Pocket Bomber Jacket is a contemporary take on classic bomber jackets, offering a mix of utility and style.


  • Modern Design

    This bomber jacket features a modern design with a unique flap-pocket detail.

  • Versatility

    It's neutral color palette ensures it can be paired with various outfits.

  • Durability

    Made with high-quality materials, this jacket is designed to withstand regular wear.

  • Comfort

    The jacket is lined for additional warmth and comfort during colder seasons.


  • Limited Color Options

    The jacket may not come in a variety of colors, limiting style choices.

  • Sizing

    As with many fashion pieces, finding the right fit might be challenging for some.

  • Price

    Given its premium design, the jacket may come with a higher price tag.

  • Requires Special Care

    The jacket requires specific cleaning instructions to maintain its quality and longevity.

What are the care instructions for these items?

For both items, it is advised to opt for professional leather cleaning to maintain quality and longevity.

Are they waterproof?

While not fully waterproof, both the jacket and coat offer some resistance against light rain.

How's the fitting of these items?

Both the coat and the jacket adhere to standard sizing, but always check Micas' size guide.

Are these products animal friendly?

Yes, both items are made from PU leather, a man-made material designed to resemble leather.


What are the alternatives to MicasPu Leather Coat (Women's Clothing) and Micas Flap-Pocket Bomber Jacket (Women's Clothing) ?

Zara Faux Leather Jacket

This jacket from Zara offers a trendy design with a faux leather finish.

you can checkout this link : Zara Faux Leather Jacket

H&M Biker Jacket

For a more edgy look, H&M's Biker Jacket is an ideal alternative.

you can checkout this link : H&M Biker Jacket


At the end of the day, the choice between the coat and the jacket boils down to personal preference and the climate you live in. The coat provides more warmth while the bomber jacket offers versatile style.

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